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David Lafleche is a singer-songwriter, guitarist, musical director and album producer from Quebec.


David’s childhood was rocked by music as his father, Jacques Lafleche, was a conductor and his mother, Hélène Levasseur, was a singer from the Milady's. He is also the nephew of Gisele Mackenzie Lafleche, legendary Canadian singer of the 1960s and 1970s.


David discovered the electric guitar and went to Boston to study and fine-tune it at Berklee College of Music.


Year after year, he multiplied appearances as a conductor and musical director on television shows and large-scale events, such as the ADISQ Gala. In addition to collaborating in the production and arrangement of several albums, David built his own studio, the Tree House Music Collective and signed the soundtrack for the film Starbuck.


Influenced by James Taylor, he was introduced to country music and his passion for American folk finally took hold in his life as a songwriter and performer in 2020 with his debut single We Collided.


David released his first album as a solo artist on May 7th, 2021.

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